Google passes the buck - seeks to "cut funding" to pirate sites via Mastercard, Visa etc

Google is doing an elaborate bit of hand waving around those pesky pirate sites, by... more
Updated: Black Keys Drummer now the King Of Twitter

The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and Justin Bieber got into it with each other at the Grammys. When asked what Carney thought about Bieber's lack... more
Updated: Tesla to NYT: Neener Neener.

Things are heating up on Twitter and it's kind of awesome.

First the New York Times writes a scathing review of the... more
Google Play plays down security breach, can the Streisand effect beat the biggest search engine?

Google play, the android answer to iTunes is where you can buy music, apps, books & films for a few bob and have them magically appear on all of your android devices in no time at all. Nice... more
Unimark/Vignelli's NYC Transit Authority's Graphic Standards Manual online....

Hey kids, thank Nike Skourtis, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth for their efforts with virtual beers, social media shares and possible facebook pokes or something - because they... more
Rep. Honda: Another democrat exploiting workers for cheap.

First President Obama solicited poster ideas for free. Posters that had the theme of "job... more
Air New Zealand arranges "Blind Gate" airport dating show on Valentines day

There's a new gameshow in town.. At the airport. Dubbed Blind Gate, the dating show will give two singletons the chance to find their perfect match from five contestants during... more
Café Café does the Harlem Shake.

Jumping on the meme bandwagon, before the shark gets jumped, Israeli shop Ecaliptoos worked with Israel's largest coffee chain to create an... more
Chubby Checker sues Hewlett-Packard over app that checks penis-size - named "chubby checker"

You can't make this stuff up folks. Hewlett-Packard made an app that measures your penis size, and they called it "chubby checker". It claims it can do this rather magic measuring simply by... more
NIVEA UK: A date to remember.

Nivea U.K. presents a totally interactive experience in which you can mess up someones' date. If you don't click on anything it sort of plays out... more
Bang with friends app isn't totally anonymous, a link will reveal who uses it.

Want to know which one of your facebook friends uses the supposedly anonymous "bang with friends" app? Just... more