Are you as fast as Messi and his spiffy adidas f50 boots? Of course not. But you can still try by signing up to play the game.

The spot basically sets up the game. We see Messi from behind, going into the bright heaven light that is the stadium. I think every adidas or gatorade spot is now requires by international law to have this shot in their spots, by the way. After that it gets strange, with Messi and faceless people playing against faceless opponents. Of course he prevails because he's Messi and he's wearing F50s.

And this all leads us to the call to action to buy the shoe or at least go and play the game on adidas' site. It's an all right game, too. Although the music was a bit too repetitive. I don't know how many levels there are because I failed on level three. I think it's because I'm not wearing F50s.

Brand : adidas football
Global Brand Director - Thomas Van Schaik
agency - iris worldwide
Creative/Creative director - Adam Fish
Managing partner - Henry Scotland
Account Director - Simon Yoxall
Production company - mediamonks
Director - rogier Schalken
Digital Director - Jouke Vuurmans


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