The phone rings. Our heroine, clad in an impeccable but so very see-through robe, answers it. There's nobody there. So begins this surral horror-pastiche where the call is indeed coming from inside the house, and it's placed by seductive S&M stalkers all dressed in the latest fetish that Agent Provocateur has to offer.

There's chains, leather, pleather, lace and even bare breasts as they stalk through the house and I hate myself for associating the lighting to the human centipede (gaah!). Finally our flower-laced heroine succumbs and becomes the silver lamé leader of the S&M pack. So surreal. Stop drooling.

Client: Agent Provocateur
Creative Director: Sarah Shotton
Director: Justin Anderson
Producer: Robert Godbold
DOP: Stephen Blackman
Art Director: Tess Bartlett
Editor: Sam Gunn
Editing House: The Whitehouse
Post Production: Glassworks
Sound Designer: Sam Ashwell
Sound House: 750mph
Music: Omaha Bitch
Track: Gay Ninja
First run: October 2011


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