Jen & Saffron go shopping. Or rather, one dances the other rollerskates around in ass-hugging leather shorts and smashes heads in with a cricket bat. Then the ladies have a bit of a snog because after all the gratuitus ass-shots and brain splattering zombie-kills in slow-mo, we need a little lesbian action to file all of this in bank. Leather-shorts gal is bad-ass (with a nice ass) while white-shirt girl is happy hippie dancer. Aaah, to be young again.

Oh right, from this you're supposed to grok: Don't get trapped. Don't be locked in. Stay Living.
UNLTD®* talk, text & MMS + Up to 3GB for $40. Up to 30 days to standard national numbers. Only within Australia.
Now every time you see cricket bats or leather short you'll feel a bit of a boost somewhere and that's the connection to Boost Mobile. Oh c'mon, you know that was funny. It's primal branding™ mate.

See also Stay Living, How to clean out the office, and how to shop for petrol / gas during the zombie apocalypse. After that you might wish that Boost Mobile just caved and made this a mini-series because it's all rather good zombie-slaying stuff. Want more? Raise your cell-phones.

Boost: Stay Living
Boost CEO: Paul O'Neile
General Manager: Business Development - Anthony Torr
Customer Experience Manager: Tina Cleary
Agency: The Monkeys
Chief Creative officer: Justin Drape
Executive Creative Director: Micah Walker
Digital Creative Director: Jay Gelardi
Art Director: Oksana Valentelis
Copywriter: Henry Kember
Head of Broadcast Production: Thea Carone
Broadcast Producer: Jade Wannell
Executive Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
Channel Planner: Mat Rawnsley
Senior Engagement Planner: Rachel Maughan
Social Media Strategist: Matt Abet
Director of Client Services: Dan Beaumont
Content Director: Gini Sinclair
Content Manager: Anthony Campagna
Production Company: Revolver
Director – The Glue Society: Matt Devine
Executive Producer/Managing Director: Michael Ritchie
Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Editing: Dan Lee / Editors
VFX Supervisor: Nicholas Ponzoni, Fin Design
Composers & Sound Design: Nylon
Saffron & Jen Film: Nicky Routledge
Ben Film: Christopher Kelaart
Mary Film: Son Of Kick
PR Agency: Magnum PR
Print Credits:
Photographer: Ingvar Kenne
Photo production: The Pool Collective
Retouching: Outpost
Art Buyer: Meghan Petersen
Designer: John-Scott McClure


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