Red Lion, and FamilyStyle directors Jon & Torey, went to Israel to find out what people might be willing to give up for a chance at some bacon. Their cigarettes, the red sea, their goat ... and their wife. Hell, they'll even give up candy. For what? Kosher Bacon. Kosher what?

"Of course the idea is very tongue-in-cheek," says Brett Channer, Chief Creative Officer, Red Lion. "We felt comfortable asking it because we are promoting a product that is respectful to the Jewish Culture."

Ah okay. So you've made kosher bacon. Sorta, It's beef, not pig. What mishegoss.

Client: Canadian Beef Bacon Company
Agency: Red Lion
Chief Creative Officer/ Writer: Brett Channer
Animation: Kemar Lawrence
Production company: Family Style
Directors: Jon & Torey
Line Producer: Liz Dussault
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss
Editor: Mark Paiva / Posterboy
Sound and Music: Vapor


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