They lose big points for the old "dumb guy" cliché. As well as the old "food is so tempting I see nothing else." Seriously. that's so old it's got hieroglyphics all over it.

However "I want to dip you in tartar sauce and eat you with a side of hush puppies," is a nice bit of perversion. So there's that.

Agency/Location: TM Advertising, Dallas, Texas
Chief Creative Officer: Bill Oakley
Creative Director: Bernard Park
ACD/Copy Writer: Jason Niebaum
ACD/Art Director: Brian Wood
Agency Producer: Stephanie Murdoch
Production Company: Tool of North America / Santa Monica, CA
Director: Benjamin Weinstein
Director of Photography: Brendan Steacy
Executive Producer: Oliver Fuselier
Producer: Jason Manz
Production Company: Directorz / Dallas, TX
Director: Tom Ryan
Head of Production: Teresa Cameron
Executive Producer: John Gilliland
Editorial Company: CharlieUniformTango / Dallas, TX
Editor: James Rayburn
Executive Producer: Mary Alice Butler


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