Cockatiel & Prairie Dog

Impressive trivia: animal action is 100% in camera.
Regional super bowl ad. Aired in in 48 U.S. markets, exceptions were Northeast and Pacific NW.

Agency: BooneOakley, Charlotte, N.C.
CD/AD: John Boone
CD/CW: David Oakley
Agency Prod.: Craig Jelniker
Acct. Sup.: Claire Oakley
Prod. Co.: Skunk, Hollywood
Dir.: Brian Lee Hughes
D.P.: Richard Henkels
Exec Prod?s.: Shelly Townsend, Matthew Factor
Line Prod.: Paul Ure
Editorial: Eat at Joe's, Charlotte
Editor: Joe Murray
Visual FX: Byron Nash
Mix: 26-inch Audio, Charlotte
Music: Hot Sake, Charlotte
Composer: Jason Hausman
Animal Wrangler: Bob Dunn's Animals, Sylmar, Calif.


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