To celebrate the World Cup, JWT Brazil launched Coke's mini bottles. 18 of them, featuring flags from all the countries who hosted the World Cup. The mini bottles originated back in the 80's and were a big collectible hit.

Unlike the 80's versions, these are interactive. You can go to Coke's website, or download an app via Apple and Android or on Facebook, to create your character, and send a virtual message to any Brazilian who has one of the cans. As for the Brazilians who own one of the bottles, if they download an app, they can experience some augmented reality thanks to their smartphone camera. If you wave your camera in front of the bottle, the 18 countries are animated. Not only that, they can interact with any of the well-wishers, too.

It's kind of like a pen pal thing, but with a World Cup theme.

Agency: JWT Brazil
Title: Minibottles
Product: Coca-Cola
Length 60”, 30”, 5” and 3”
CCO: Ricardo John
Head of Art: Fabio Simões
Creation Director: Enoch Lam
Art Director : Filipe Cuvero
Copywriting: Lucas Tristão
Planning: Fernand Alphen, Isabella Mulholland, Douglas Mello
Account Manager: Felipe Giacon, Stefano Paduan, Rodrigo Alberini, Luana Ferreira.
Media: Aline Moda, Andreia Kalvon, Stella Lopes, Fabiana Coimbra, Thais Abreu.
Client Approval: Javier Meza, Andres Kiger, Gian Martinez, Marina Rocha, Paloma Azulay and Juliana Assad.
Production Agency Director: Márcia Lacaze
Production Agency: Fafá Oliveira
Film Producer: Zohar Cinema
Director: Tomat
Photographer: Marcelo Durst
Art Director: Marlize Storchi
Wardrobe: Ana Avelar
Finisher: Full Frame
Editor: Tomat
Client Service: Nívio Alves de Souza and Renata Sayão
Sound Production: Dr.Dd Eletromídia
Remix: Bonde Fumegante

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