Nice, simple way to get people in Spain to think about responsible drinking. Blur the opening credits of a Django. During the premiere. This effort was done for Corona (Coronita in Spain) and in conjunction with Sony Pictures.

Title: Django, responsible drinking.
Head of Digital: Fernando Corbalán
Executive Creative Director: Jaime Chávarri
Creative Directors: Paco García. Pablo Rodríguez-Meyre, Iván De Dios.
Art Director: Alejandro Lobo. Francesco Minopoli
Copywriter: Álvaro González
Producers: Luciano Firmo, Pablo García, Arklin Producciones.
Film Editor: Miguel Donaire, Rebeca Fernández
Corona Extra Account Director: Anja Hoehne
Corona Extra Account Supervisor: Ana Múgica
Sony Account Executive: Paola G.Tell
Clients: Gmodelo Europe- Corona Extra y Sony Pictures Releasing Spain.


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