Entlebuch is Switzerland’s first official UNESCO biosphere. So they decided to invite tourists to experience their green land (geddit?) Anyway, they didn't just invite tourists on Earth. They invited aliens, via a radio broadcast that featured such lovely Swiss things as yodeling, alphorn music, regional smells and sounds and more. All in the hopes they'd get some aliens to stop by. This means Entlebuch isn't just a sustainable city. it's also a a sustainable city filled with delusional inhabitants.

Agency: BBDO, Duesseldorf, Germany
Advertiser: Entlebuch, Switzerland
Brand: Entlebuch
Chief Creative Officer: Sebastian Hardieck
Executive Creative Officer: Carsten Bolk
Art Director: Fabian Pensel, Tatjana Genin
Copywriter: Ramon Scheffer, Marko Werth
Group Account Director: Sonja Struss
Account Manager: Franziska Nessel
Production: Steffen Gentis


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