Some time this summer, the Fuzz Wax Bar (a popular destination in Canada, because Canadians are apparently still on the metrosexual trend) decided to promote its place by sending a male model covered with wax strips down the streets of Toronto.

Torontonians were very excited to torture said model. I don't know if their excitement stemmed from a deep-seeded repression of aggression normally not seen in their usually mild mannered tempers, or whether or not they just really hate the fact some Canadians are still on the metrosexual bandwagon.

Either way I have it on good authority the UN is currently investigating for human rights abuse.

Project: Street Waxing
Client: Fuzz Wax Bar
Agency: Lowe Roche
Executive Creative Director: Sean Ohlenkamp
Copywriter: Jeremy Richard, Eli Joseph
Art director: Ryan Speziale, Kunaal Jagtianey
Producer: Shannon Farrell
Make-up: Alyssa McCarthy
Account Director: Frederic Morin
Director: Dean Vargas
Post Production: Motion Pantry


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