Everyone knows Johannes Vermeer's painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring." It's been reproduced all over the world. However, there is nothing like the real and original version. To get people excited about it once again, the Mauritshuis museum created a funky contest. Go to their Facebook page, enter the competition, and you might win something special. It's the closest thing you'll ever come to owning the actual art, anyway.

Client: Het Mauritshuis
Advertising Agency: KOEN/Publicis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director: Marcel Hartog
Art Director: Steef Nijhof
Copywriter: Marcel Hartog
Photographer: Maurice Heesen
Director: Maurice Heesen
DOP: Lennert Hillege
Strategy: Bas Velthuis
Designers: Dave Fransen, Lucas Simons
Editors: Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas, Patcharee Sa-ardkitinun / Postoffice
Colourist: Daphne Maierna
Producers: Petra Keijser (Smarthouse), Joze Rikken
Sound: Robin Schlösser (deKeuken)
Account: Erik-Jan Koense, Marcella Beekman, Kim de Winter
Clients: Berthilde Reijmerskamp, Koen Brakenhoff, Emilie Gordenker
Soundtrack: Dandelion, The Black Atlanti

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