Remember that girl you didn't notice in high school? Apparently when she graduated college, she started crashing high school reunions, because there ain't no way she's the same age as everyone else in that high school class.

Client: Kia
Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director/CW: Mark Monteiro, Ben Purcell
Creative Director/AD: Steve Yee
Managing Director, Broadcast Production: Carol Lombard
Executive Producer: Christopher Coleman
Managing Partner, Client Services: Brian Dunbar
Group Account Director: Brook Dore
Senior Integrated Account Director: Justin Manfredi
Account Supervisor: Nancy Ramirez
Senior Account Executive: Kammie Dons
Production Company: Serial Pictures
Director: Samuel Bayer
Director of Photography: Samuel Bayer
Executive Producer: Violaine Etienne
Head of Production: Peter Fitzgerald
Producer: Jessica Carlson
Wardrobe Stylist: Marjan Malakpour
Editorial: Spinach
Editor: Ben McCambridge
Producer: Jonathan Carpio
Assistant Editor: Art Castle
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Beau Leon
Post Production: Fell VFX
VFX Supervisor: Russell Fell
Executive Producer: Rachel Koch
Audio Mix: Margarita Mix
Mixer: Nathan Dubin


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