South Carolina-based BFG Communications is reaching out to the tweens, via pro-skater Nyjah Huston, to get them to enter for a chance to win a trip to the X Games in Austin. And also, eat Lance crackers.

Client; Lance
Agency: BFG Communications
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Seymour
Creative Director: Matt Nadler, Jason Keeven
Art Director: Jason Ferguson
Experiential: Kate Bradbury
Copywriter: Matt Nadler, Steven Laroque
Producers: Kelly Helder, Paula Coseo
Account Team: Robert Mazzucchelli, Valentina Viti, Katie Barrett
Still Photographer: John Rhoades
Art Lead/Designer: Jason Keeven
Production Company: Transition Productions, Inc.
Director: John Hoffman
Executive Producer: Kemp Curley
Director of Photography: Francisco Aliwalas, Ryan Young
Additional Camera: Massimo Legittimo,
Executive Producer: John Hoffman
Line Producer: Belinda Lott
Editor: Francisco Aliwalas, Hue Hughes
Producer: John Hoffman
Sound Design: Francisco Aliwalas
Audio Mix: Francisco Aliwalas

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