Clemenger BBDO Australia bring us this different take on the feminine products for women. Libra, the Australian tampon company, drops this one on us. It's the old switcheroo in which one woman wakes the other one up for "boot camp." The other one meekly protests it's her period, before being thrust a box of Libra.

Cut to the women in their car watching their hot male Ozzie counterparts during their practice. Geddit? It's not about the women working out at all. Even on your heaviest period you can still get out there ogle the boys.

Score one for women's rights. Seriously. Let's appreciate the "human truth," that suggests women still have sex on the brain during their periods rather than the more condescending tampon ads which put women in unlikely positions they'll most never be in at this time. I.E "You can even ride a horse!

It's kinda silly, true. But at least it's honest. Nice one, Clemenger, BBDO.

Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Creative Director: Jim Ingram
Creative Director: Ben Couzens
Senior Copywriter: Nick Kelly
Senior Art Director: Nic Buckingham
Agency TV Producer: Cindy Merlin

Group Account Director: Jenn Chin
Senior Account Director: Louise McLaughlan
Account Manager: Berlin Abraham
Strategy Planner: Heather Lewis

Director: Fiona McGee
Production Company: Goodoil Films
Producer: Claire Richards
Offline Editor: Johanna Scott (The Butchery)
Online Editor: Eugene Richards (The Refinery)
Sound: Paul Le Couteur (Flagstaff Studios)

Marketing Manager – Feminine Hygiene: Therese Winterburn
Brand Manager: Kelly Magee
Marketing Manager – Liners: Carla Spadafora

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