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"It's a wintery day in Yonkers, NY. Spiders have been sued and the welsh is sunk. The new order family have been waiting for Ben to come home from the convalescence that followed the implant. This joyful day is celebrated accordingly and by the book. But as read in the middle age tales, the pied piper enters and turns its magics on the kids. The biologic weapon placed within backfires and sets the demon lose."

- Andreas Nilsson

For this sci-fi romp Andreas drew inspiration from psychedelic goo masters, David Cronenberg and Stuart Gordon, in particular HP Lovecraft's From Beyond. This was shot in one long, cold, freaky day at the Clue Mansion in Yonkers, NY. The video was lensed by Aaron Platt, Jonathan Lia produced and Ethan Tobman art directed.

Director: Andreas Nilsson
Producer: Jonathan Lia
DP: Aaron Platt
Editor: Robert Lopuski
Telecine: Marshall Plante @ Ntropic
FX & Online: Solid LA

Label: Columbia
Commisioner: Byran Younce
Music Videos: Streetgang Films


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    Robbert (not verified)

    I looked all over the net for the name of that bald eyebrowless us army guy. Who is he? What's his name? thank you in advance,


    Mar 21, 2013

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