ah ah ah, Monsieur Sub. You make a funny joke wit yer plaid and 'ockey but as usual you are forgetting da udder side of the country. Tabrnak-la.

oh you hare not 'ere? and why not? you are halways forgetting Quebec, la?

Hit his typical of the Anglo Canada that dey are not restive of Québécois as halways. Criss.Why is dis not in French? Also dere's no poutine or Montréal bagel representif? No sur la neige. Hi will bet you 'ave no smoked meat on your sandwich either. Ostie-la. So typique.

Next time, dont forget da blue hand white. Or da Habs. Udderwise we will bring up the referendum again.

Client: MR.SUB
VP, Marketing: Rita McParland

Agency/Production Company: Shooters International
Director: KRANKY (Laurence Shanet)
DOP: Tico Poulakakis
Executive Producer: Pamela McNamara
Producer: Rob Plaxton

Creative Directors: Wayne Best, Mark Schruntek, Laurence Shanet
Copywriters/Art Directors: Mark Schruntek (“Pounding”), Wayne Best, Tony Tagliatucci

Editing Company: Married to Giants
Editor: Skinner

Sound Company: Suite 103 Post


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