River Island Design Forum is a unique form that showcases up and coming designers in the fashion industry.

This "Fashion film," from River Island introduces its first ever menswear collection (courtesy of Tom Lipop) by making clothing the last form of self-identity in an otherwise post-apocalyptic world.

To which I say, if you're the last dude on earth, you've got more important things to consider beyond whether or not your pea coat matches your handkerchief.

Written and Directed by:Aoife McArdle
Man: Tony Adams
Boys:Austin & Jonathan
A co-production at: White Lodge
Colonel Blimp
Good Company
Executive Producers UK: Stephen Whelan
Tamsin Glasson
Executive Producers USA: Brian Welsh
Jonathan Lia
Line Producer USA: Brian Welsh
Production Supervisor: Anna Rau
Director of Photography: Steve Annis
Production Design and Styling: Alexis Johnson
1st AC: Robby Hart
2nd AC: Jojo Canon
DIT: Eli Berg
Gaffer: Nghia Khuu
Key Grip: Julien Janigo
Swing: Mike Prim
Mixer: Justino Martinez
Production Assistants: Ben Wesley
Tay Hawes
Eric Sheffield
Marc Lacson
Panavision: Jennifer Kuwabara
Editor: Dan Sherwen at Final Cut
Telecine: Rich Fearon at MPC
Music Supervision: Major Tom
Additional Composition and Sound Mix: Freddie & Joe
With Special Thanks: Josie Roscop
Mary McClenahan
Michael Dale
Michelle Corney
Alannah Currie
Ryan Beck
Jon Hopkins


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