This is quite a very moving portrait of fashion designer Henry Holland. Created by Clive Booth in collaboration with Nick Knight and SHOWstudios. This is part of a series of intimate fashion designers Hollands is the first.. In it we hear Holland's story. How he grew up outside Manchester. Endured a childhood that saw in it an early parental divorce and remarriage, as well as an ugly time at school, being bullied for being gay. And yet, Holland tells us, he used that last experience to become who he is today—a designer at the forefront of fashion.

At one point, Holland tells us his worst quality is that his attention span is “very short.” Unfortunately so is mine. And a seven minute plus film needs a cut down, no matter how lovingly and interestingly shot it may have been.

Speaking of, this film is also a way for SHOWstudio to try out and showcase new innovations in filming technique. Clive Booth shot this one for 4K resolution, which is trickier than HD. It does look stunning and even beautiful. If you go to SHOWstudios site, you can learn about the process.

Clive Booth: Film Maker / Director / Project Development
Henry Holland:¬ Sitter
Mark George: Producer
Neal Bryant: Producer (SHOWstudio) / Project Development
Laura Blight: Assistant Producer
Billy Waters: 1st Assistant / Lighting / Camera
Tillman Pretscher (Interview): 2nd Assistant
Max Burton: Digital Operator / Camera
Roger Richards: Lighting Assistant / Electrician
Steve Smith: Grip / Camera
Tristram Edwards: Offline Editor
Stu Sibley: Sound Design
Ben Perry: 4K Digital Tech (Codex)
Laura Redpath: 4K Digital Tech (Codex)
Alastair Nicholls (Interview): 4K Digital Tech (Codex)
Russ Shaw: Online Editor / FX (Nice Biscuits)
Miguel Wratten: FX (Nice Biscuits)
Martin Southworth: Colourist
Tom Lane: Machine Room Operator (Nice Biscuits)
Sherrie Warwick:¬ Make¬up
Angel Studios:¬ Audio recording (Interview)
The Last Word:¬ Backstage Video

With special thanks to:
Pixi Pixel
Proportion London: Mannequins
Lize Moran: Client Producer (Canon)
Katie Simmonds: Canon Europe
Mike Owen: Canon Europe
Canon Europe (Equipment)
Park Royal Studios (Studio)
Jessica Fletcher at Henry Holland


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