Skoda Fabia, is a car with a spacious interior. So spacious in fact, BBDO Proximity turned it into a real hostel. Comeplete with a double-bed and wi-fi. The bathroom was housed next to the car. The hostel was placed at Izmaiolovo Park, a tourist heavy spot.

The project was created in a partnership with the acommodation website Skoda Hostel was an actual listing on Tripping. And because this was a social initiative, the only payment needed were likes, tweets and shares.

And the best part, too was after they were done sleeping, the guests could drive the car making it the first hostel stay test drive.

What a great idea.

Client: Skoda
Agency: Proximity Russia
Luis Tauffer - Creative Director
Andres Vergara - Creative Director
Luis Tauffer - Art Director
Ivan Malakhov - Art Director
Polina Zabrodskaya - Copywriter
Ilya Andreyev - Creative Technologist
Natalia Ten - Client Services Director
Julia Bogdanovich - Managing Director
Oleg Malyutin - Group Account Director
Valery Gorokhov - Producer
Giuliana Giora - Producer
Production Company E:mg, Hype Production, Lógico Music, All Awards, Goudron Music Factory, Guto Chicanelli


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