Finding the right job is just like finding parking. Except it isn't really.

University of Phoenix’s Breaking it Down TV campaign

“Resource/Skyscraper/Parking Lot”

Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat

Creative Directors: Jose Luiz Martinez and Erik Enberg

Art Director: Jose Luiz Martinez

Copywriter: Erik Enberg

Producer: William Near

Assistant Producer: Whitney Bogosian

Business Affairs: Kim Stevens

Strategy: Amber Finlay and Gabrielle Rossetti

Marketing Producers: Jon Hedlund and Maura Mattoon

Production Company: RSA

Production Company Executive Producer: Tracie Norfleet

Production Company Line Producer: David Mitchell

Director: Pekka Hara

Cinematographer: Claudio Miranda

Editorial Company: Lost Planet

Editors: Hank Corwin, Patrick Fabbrini and Charlie Johnston

Colorist: Mark Gethin

Sound Designer: Hank Corwin, Charlie Johnston and Rex Recker

Music Recording Artist: Air “Tropical Disease” (Skyscraper), Lana Del Rey “Bluejeans” (Parking Lot) Pivot/Amsterdam (Resource)

Sound Engineer: Rex Recker

Visual Effects: MPC

Visual Effects Supervisors: Paul O’Shea and Vicky Osborn

Visual Effects Executive Producer: Justin Brukman

Visual Effects Producer: John Skeffington


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  • Academic success's picture
    Academic success (not verified)

    That's great! That means people really enjoy that university. Because if you want so bad a parking lot it means that you would not give up on finding a parking lot and just go home.

    Mar 18, 2013

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