Absolute's Head of CG/Maya Artist Minh Nguyen-Ba and his team countdown to these spots for Y&R, NY and V8.

If you don't like the taste of vegetables, it's tough to reach the recommended five servings a day. In this series of inventive spots, Nguyen-Ba and his team create number counters that hover above people's heads indicating how many servings of vegetables they've had. V8 has two ways to boost that number. Classic V8 offers three full servings of vegetables in one 12oz bottle, while V-Fusion, a tasty blend of fruit and vegetable juice offers one serving each of veggies and fruit.

By creating comedic scenarios and stylized vignettes, Director Paul Gay of Hungry Man illustrates how V8 and V-Fusion can be helpful in a number of different ways.

Client: V8
Spots Title: Broken Romance, Bus Stop, Pass the Veggies, Scale
Air Date: October 2009

Agency: Y&R, NY
Art Director: Rob Schnapp
Copywriter: Jen Gore
CD: James Caporimo
Agency Producer: Robert Beck
Assistant Producer(s): Nathanael Robinson, Craig Sklaver
Prod Company: Hungry Man
Director: Paul Gay
EP: Kevin Byrne
Post/Effects: Absolute
Head of CG: Minh Nguyen-Ba
Lead CG: Pete Hamilton, Andrew Harper, Keith Kamholz
Lead VFX/Inferno Artist: Dirk Greene, Daniel Morris, Mark Wilhelm, Krispy Cornwell
EP: Sally Heath
Editorial: Level 2
Editor: Patrick Griffin
Telecine: CO3
Colorist: Tom Poole
Music: The Rumor Mill


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