Who doesn't need a cowboy boot lamp in their lives? Find the find, at Value Village.

Agency: Wexley School For Girls
Executive Creative Director(s): Ian Cohen, Todd Grant
Senior Copywriter: Matt Kappler
Junior Art Director: Evan Bross
Director of Production: Gabe Hajiani
Associate Production Director: Aylin Koker
Associate Producer: Maddy Paulino
Senior Project Manager: Dee Dee Jones
Account Supervisor: Beth Burns
Account Coordinator: Josh Brewer

Production co: Lenz Films
Executive Producer: Brad Lenz
Producer: Todd Glinsman
Director: Todd Grant
Director of Photography: Tadd Sackville-West
Gaffer: Jeremy Mackie
Set Design: John Lavin

Editorial: Morgan Griswold, Abound Media
After Effects: Jeff Tillotson, Shane Dillon; Lightpress
Sound Design & Mix: Scott Weiss, Pure Audio

Guy on cloud: Justin Huertas
Lamp shopper: Annie Lareau


Comments (3)

  • Dabitch's picture

    We all need more cowboy boot lamps. Seriously.

    Mar 14, 2014
  • Kat Smith's picture
    Kat Smith (not verified)

    This ad made me smile. And now I really want a cowboy boot lamp.

    Mar 19, 2014
  • Dabitch's picture

    A possible nod to this famous leglamp.

    Apr 05, 2014

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