It's Premiere League time, and it's time to show your love for the game and get all caught up in the ❤ and whatnot.

Nice energy to this one. It feels very Nike/adidas. but then why wouldn't you show the pandemonium of a good game to showcase all the action you'll miss if you don't tune it.

Apparently Jake Bugg is having a good year licensing his music to sports related spots, as we just heard this song "Lighting Bolt," in a Gatorade spot back in March.

Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm

Media agency: PHD
Production Company - Standart
Director - Mauri Chifflet
Producer - Pål Åsberg
Line Producer - Måns Lorentzen
DOP - Linus Rosenqvist
Service Producer - Serena Fylan @ The Gate Films
Production Manager - Vicky Byrne @ The Gate Films

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