It's hard not to love a clever spot with an idea behind it. Even though it involves another dog. What is it with Volkswagen and dogs? At least in this case, the dog isn't borrowing Star Wars interest but borrowing Volkswagen interest. I love the hapless dog owner who just puts up with it. Nice casting and work all around from DDB & Tribal Amsterdam.

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Client : Volkswagen
Agency : DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Account : Ivo Roefs, Vincent Breedveld en Jolijn de Haas
RTV Producer : Yuka Kambayashi
Production Company : Czar
Director : Mattias Schut
D.O.P. : Mark Bliss
Producer : Collin Maas en Frank de Kok
Editor : Kapsalon - Marc Bechtold
Grading : Hectic Electric – George Balatoni
Online : Minivegas
Soundstudio : The Ambassadors Sound – Rens Pluijm en Sebas Roestenburg
Music : Sizzer Amsterdam


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