VFX company Stardust created a global campaign for China's messaging app WeChat. In this spot, Argentine football phenom Lionel Messi uses WeChat to calm his baby down with some footie juggling tricks from afar.

Guess it was in Messi's contract to wear adidas, as that trefoil is prominent throughout.

The spot is airing in fifteen countries across Asia and Latin America as well as South Africa and Turkey.

Advertising Agency & Production Company: Stardust
Executive Creative Director: Seth Epstein
Managing Partner/Executive Producer: Dexton Deboree
Copywriter(s): Seth Epstein & Dexton Deboree
Director: Seth Epstein
Live Action Executive Producer: Dexton Deboree
Producer: Sarah Casillas
Local (Spain) Live Action Executive Producer: Esther de Udaeta & Ernest Gual
Line Producer: Thersea Lucas
Visual Effects Company: Stardust
Art Director/Lead Designer: Ling Feng
Designers: Lynn Cho, Luis Salcedo, Karen To
Editor: Fred Fouquet
Flame Artist: Todd Mesher
2D Animators/Compositors: Taekyu Kim, Richard Taylor, Pietro Desopo
Rotoscope/Clean-Up Artist: Michael Plescia
Music & Sound Design Company: Stardust
Sound Design & Mix: Brian Peyton
Music Composer: Jesse Mattson

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