The Beancast: The Last advertising agency on earth


The Beancast this week has Christian Borges, ( @christianborges ) VP Digital Communications, Deep Focus - adgrunt pal Bill Green ( @mtlb) from Make The Logo Bigger and AdVerve, Ben Kunz ( @benkunz ) Director of Strategic Planning, Mediassociates yapping about iPads, death of advertising as we know it, brand rebirths .... The usual. ;)

As for iPads being the future of magazines, here's what I suspect it might look like. This prototype/idea is brought t you by the R&D people at Bonnier and their design partners at BERG. It makes me want an iPad really bad when I can get magazines that look like that on it. I'd pay a subscription! Also, invest in tablet/iPad docking station stock now, I suspect people will want to hoard their old digital magazines somewhere, just like we do with our paper ones. ;)

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