This Week in Tech in who needs this crap October 5, were discussing a few things and Windows 7. It was when they reached that "house party" talk that they tipped to the windows 7 (censored version), and all found it really really amusing. It made me smile too because they say "" so that their listeners know where to find it. Doesn't adland teevee sound great? Thanks guys, that was awesome.

Mini Rugs

Mini now sells rugs. No, wait. Mini cars are so economical, gas stations now sell rugs. Yeah that's it. You know you have a well established (even iconic) car brand when you don't need to show the car. Badjar Ogilvy, Melbourne did the deed.


Marketing reports that Mr. Sub has fired its agency BOS after accusations of homophobia.

Turns out that the CAW (Canadian Auto Workers) have letter-chain-mail prowess, and when they were offended by the like super, super gay dad's coming out speech, the union released their wave of complaint mails which prompted Mr Sub to fire Bos at once. (I'm picturing Auto Workers in super-hero outfits shooting letters like Spiderman when writing this, can you tell?)

“In the last few days, the sandwich chain Mr. Sub has come out with a new commercial which is shocking (and completely ridiculous) in the way that it mocks the LGBT community,” wrote Devine in one e-mail. “This is offensive and we must let Mr. Sub know that making fun of our LGBT sisters and brothers and the very difficult and often painful coming out process is no way to sell submarine sandwiches.”
In her letter to Mr. Sub president Jack Levinson, Devine said making light of the coming out experience was inappropriate. “In fact, coming out to one’s family and friends is a major cause of stress and anguish as people face the rejection, misunderstanding and outward disapproval of their loved ones.”
By Wednesday, the union was told by Mr. Sub in an unsigned e-mail from Mr. Sub’s “Information & Help Line” that it “decided to end its relationship with BOS, as clearly this campaign has not met the objective of positively engaging with our customers.” The note from Mr. Sub also said “all possible efforts have been taken to remove the ad from Internet websites.”

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