At first I thought that there were real (dead) animals jammed into these posters and though; well that will certainly get peoples attention but a closer looks makes it seem that it's just very nicely photoshopped.

The tag: "Help WIRES help him out." brings home the point that the expanding urban environment continues to place the homes of native animals at risk. Created by Ward 6 Sydney.


Here's some fun for the footie-fans to waste Friday moments with, Kaka (a.ka. OMG! CUTE! ) can be seen in some exclusively online footage which demonstrates the clarity and smoothness of the HD picture on Sony's BRAVIA TVs. Or at least that's the idea - you would have to see a real Sony Bravia TV to get the real deal. The unique feature of this footage is that you can control the camera angles yourself -clicking on screen when you see the icon navigates you to another clip showing a different shot of Kaka.