Stuart Elliot reports that "Firebrand Burns Out". Basically, they ran out of money. With the sums they were spending, I'm not surprised; "Firebrand was led by John A. Lack, a veteran of television networks like MTV, and Román Viñoly. Mr. Lack said last September that the company would spend $30 million by the time the television version of Firebrand began on Ion."

A spokesman for NBC Universal, Cory Shields, said on Tuesday afternoon, “we are not putting any additional capital into the company.”

Mr. Shields responded to a question from a reporter who was told by an executive of Firebrand that the company had shut down, effective immediately. The executive was not authorized to discuss the status of the company and as such declined to be identified.


The love affair (which didn't seem very loving), between Pizza Hut and W+K London has ended today.

Wieden & Kennedy has resigned the £13 million Pizza Hut account, calling time on its three-year hold on the business. The account will now be put into review.

Some gossip that the account lost any creative allure back when Whitbread, Pizza Hut's UK franchise partner, sold its 50% stake back to its US parent Yum! Foods making it all corporately bland again. Much like their cheese actually.

Check out lots of Pizza Hut commercials here. There's one where they have footage where astronauts eat pizza in space:
Yum! Brands - Pizza Hut - 91 Countries (2006) :30 (USA)


Saatchi and Saatchi, Stockholm has done an almost global commercial for Sony Ericsson which will be aired in "twenty to thirty" different countries. In the ad, several people sing Depeche Mode's song "enjoy the silence", and it's the first time this song has been used in an advertisment.
The most interesting feature of this mood-ad is that there's a transvestite in it. At least I think this lass is born a lad. Sony Ericsson - Enjoy the silence - (2008) :60 (Sweden)

Saatchi is also aiming for a world record in the amount of people who sing the same song and with the site created by B-Reel, Sony fans can upload themselves singing along to the same song. If the campaign works, a Guiness book of records place might be in order.

"I think that the current record is 275 000 , so it won't be easy to beat. Be we're officially aiming for it."

said Stefan Bergström Sony Ericsson's Nordic communication manager to Resumé


BBDO and AT&T teamed with photographer Pete Barrett to create seven ads
for the new, “More Bars in More Places” campaign which is currently running nation wide. Sadly they're not creating the kind of bars that I like. Yeah that's right, deep fried chocolate mars bars. ;P Still the photography is very nice.


Somebody skilled at photoshop, or perhaps a photographer, or maybe both, has done this nicely executed spoof campaign for Toyota Prius where people do all sorts of bad things like dump bodies (in a "no dumping" lake, so bad - remember what happened to Springfield!), pick up hookers or have affairs with the landscaper. Well, at least they drive a Prius, right?
Who spent all this energy on doing a fake campaign I wonder, I hope it's not an agency trying to win a pitch. (two more ads inside after the jump)

Via AdFreak via windingroad.


72andSunny has published its first book, called "The Ghost of Bobby." It's written by former advertising executive and Glasgow/London-based writer David Miller, with full-color illustrations throughout by artist Julia Kuo.

Miller spent 30 years working in advertising, and was most recently Managing Director of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. He has also held senior positions at W+K Tokyo, Leo Burnett Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul, and J. Walter Thompson Hong Kong. Must see moody book intro movie inside! Why don't all ghost stories have little clips with them?

DDB Sydney has cooked up these odd dishes for OSO Food Wrap to remind people that "Separate is Best". Sure sure, they look tasty from a distance but look closer.... Uhm... Well hang on, this one on the left is totally something that I would have eaten when I was preggars, though it could use some slices of thin roast beef and a dash of sweet mustard. Oh yeah!


Perfectly photographed by George Scott to look like those classic cookbook food shots, these ads remind you of the ick that happens when food flavors start to combine in the fridge. Though I don't know anyone who keeps their candy-jelly-worms in the fridge, I'll happily overlook that just because these ads are so purdy.