Advertising agency tbd has won the Graphis Gold Award for its contribution to the Graphis Logo Design 7. Graphis produces this logo showcase publication once every four or five years, and the tbd-designed Odell Brewing Company logo was selected from an international pool of approximately 1,000 entries.


A street corner stand-off for the show East West 101.

RazorJunior Sydney (Australia) where Josh Moore is the Creative Director and Julian Saide is the Art Director working with Giuliana DeFelice Copywriter on this project.

When I got this 'corner ad' (for lack of a better term, what should we call this trick?) I was reminded of a few other corner ads, and I wondered how many we might collect.


Agency : ImpactBBDO Abu Dhabi
Peter Vegas (Creative Director)
Peter Vegas (Copywriter)
Prod. Co. : BKP


Equinox's new campaign by Fallon is titled "Happily Ever." The ads feature images of hot bodies posing in provocative positions with the headline "Happily Ever," followed by "What's your after?" in small print.

Adage happened to have some quotes from the senior director of marketing for Equinox on the campaign:

"The big selling point of Fallon was their creativity," said Hillary Benjamin, senior director-marketing for Equinox. "This new campaign is so strategically sound and out-of-the-box that it will exponentially fill the marketplace on its strength."


Euro RSCG New York did some research and discovered - *gasp* - that 95% of Americans want more fun. No kidding? Really? That totally goes against my research that says 80% want to less fun. Lets do a double-blind study guys!
Anyway, armed with this groundbreakingly obvious knowledge they set out to create a new fun campaign for Ritz crackers, arguably the most iconic cracker brand around.

To kick off the campaign, these wild posters (above) - more inside.


We've done this before (remember the hidden  persuaders debate?). You all know that creating fake identities on boards and chatting up your product will bite you in the ass sooner or later. But it all depends on the community you are trying to pimp your stuff on. Metafilter is self-policing community (that I've always hoped Adland could emulate), where members thought a question posted to Ask Metafilter just didn't look right....

Image of Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Advertising

A lot has changed since the first edition of the now staple creative diet book "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This", not just that Dick Wilson who played Mr Whipple has gone to squeeze the big fluffy clouds in the sky at the grand age of 91. There's also the galloping development of the web and the myriad of new media areas. So how does the grand old classic "idea" apply to these new solutions? Don't worry, Luke knows.

“Luke Sullivan writes just about as relevant an advertising read as you can get. It’s a perfect lesson in advertising for newcomers – and a familiar and highly painful reminiscence for those of us entrenched in this noble and often crazy profession.”
–Lee Clow, Chairman, TBWA/Chiat, Chief Creative Officer Worldwide
“This is a business that is changing like crazy, but Sullivan’s advice is timeless.”
–Mike Hughes, President, Creative Director, The Martin Agency
“Luke’s reflections on the advertising industry make me wish I could do it all over again. Except for that ‘scab’ story in Chapter 10.”
–Bob Barrie, Barrie D’Rozario Murphy

Lets do an excerpt. My favorite way to check out a book is to slap it open and read a bit. If I fancy it, I buy it. The third edition of this book doesn't just have two new chapters but old chapters have been updated as well as the examples were getting a little dusty. Check out chapter eight inside for your test read.

“If you don’t deserve an award who does?” is a campaign created by la comunidad to raise awareness for the annual One Show’s Call for Entries (Deadline: January 31, 2008. To download a Call for Entries PDF, go to

Made for creatives by creatives, this campaign is a tribute to the sacrifices creatives make in their lives to achieve excellence. The campaign consists of posters, print, videos (wife, bear, frankenstein) and interactive, including "hack man", a video game.


The folks at Hanft Raboy and Partners have send in their latest print campaign for The new ad follow the concept from the prior campaign which highlighted the strange reasons why people were rejected by their competitor, eHarmony.

"Our previous campaign “Rejected by eHarmony” received a lot of buzz for questioning the exclusionary tactics of eHarmony. We hope this campaign continues the dialogue."