we just got this note in our inbox:

Zebra Crossing is now one of the most popular element of guerilla marketing. This time, it has been used in order to draw attention to the "Settimane dell'Architettura e del Design", an international appointment between designers, architets and passionates.
MTN Company, a brave and innovative integrated communication agency of South Italy, has experimented zebra crossing advertising in Cava de'Tirreni (Salerno) using 7 different decorations realized by the local ceramists.

I didn't even know that Zebra crossings were such a popular media space - one would think that traffic laws would frown upon that sort of thing.


Two months ago, Scott Aaronson discovered that an Australian Ricoh advert from Lowe had taken it's dialog straight from his quantum mechanics lecture.

Ricoh Printers - Smart Models - (2007) :30 (Australia)

Now Scott and Lowe have reached a settlement, to make good for their boo-boo, Lowe Australia are now donating $2,000 of the settlement to BrisScience and $3,000 to the Physics Demo Troupe. Why BrisScience? Because nerds are really funny people, and Scott liked the name:

I immediately asked her to repeat the name.

“BrisScience,” she said.

“Spell it?” I asked.

“B-r-i-s-Science. Why, is there something funny about the name?”

“No, no, it shouldn’t be a big deal in Australia.”

Paul Arden yells this at lectures - "Get out of advertising!" - meaning seek inspiration from outside of the office walls. Some solve this by going to art galleries, others go fishing - I used to go to joke shops a lot and it seems, so do adkids today. It is still one of the best places to seek inspiration, at the very least you'll come home with a bag of "raucher-schnee" to prep your still smoking co-workers cigarettes with causing much mirth when snow falls from their smoke.

I was reminded of the joke shops the forum about this years the Epica results as the direct winner from Leo Burnett Frankfurt were pacifiers with teeth on them were the funny, much like the classic joke item Billy Bobs pacifiers, a whole brand in itself.

Ukranian Armed Forces - "Contract!" - (2007)

Mr "I got a car, so I get the babes" is soon beaten by the posse of "We have tanks, so we get the babes". This recruitment ad aims to sell young agile men on the idea of joining the army on a contract basis.

The soldier simply asks for water and the girls dash off to get them some. One of the ladies then asks "When do you return home?" and the soldier replies: "We're already at home, in the club after work."
- What kind of work? -"Contract!"
"What kind of contract? wonders one of the ladies "Marriage contract?" another girl replies: "Army... For now."

I think I lost braincells translating that. What I don't do for you guys!

Some might say that a castrated lion is the perfect symbol for European defence policy - and the Times online claims some unidentified US blogger did but I have not found a source for that quote. It all began when a few women in the Nordic Battle Group were miffed that the symbol for their group showed a male lion, and they figured this was sex discrimination so they lodged a complaint with the European Court of Justice. Before anyone could say nip-tuck the lion on the coat of arms was castrated via computer.

The lion, before and after.

The Lions designer Vladimir A Sagerlund doesn't think it's in the least bit amusing: “The Army lacks knowledge about heraldry. Coats of arms containing lions without genitalia were given to those who betrayed the Crown.” he said to Göteborgs Posten. Mr Sagerlund knows a thing or two about this, having worked as a crest designer at the National Archives since 1994.

A pretty useless snip if you ask me, since the Lion is still clearly a male with that mane - the Times says that "the message remains clear: the lions are supposed to display courage and nothing else." To me, choosing the lazy-ass, never hunt for himself male lion as a symbol for courage when the females do all the scary hunting work (in tight units no less, with each female responsible for one part of the hunt, how very army-like) seems kind of silly right there so while we're already using by now outdated symbols could we at least let the poor critter keeps his balls? Then there are those who are better at latin than me who argue that "ad omnia paratus" in female form would be paratas, so we're not gender neutral even in the motto, making the snip a tad impotent.
There are plenty of other crests that are clearly male animals, and sadly it looks as if they'll be loosing their parts soon as well. Where will all the baby crests come from in the future?
Hat tip to Bold


That Dexter Viral campaign created by London agency Ralph which according to them “proved so controversial that Ralph received calls of complaint from the public and London’s Scotland Yard Police" is still quite sticky months after its release. The premise it the fun personalization trick, where you can type in a friends name and freak them the hell out used in many a viral campaign before we were even set a personal one but we didn't take it seriously since the serial killer in this video is looking for a mid-30's male with a background in media calling themselves Ad Rag, so I figured us Art Directing females of undefined age calling our site Adland and ourselves Dabitch were safe. ;) Note to Ralph, try targeting a little more correct next time. On the other hand, we love the show and especially the titles.

In other silly news, the 24-Hour Michael Bolton Station Declares Bankruptcy, gee who would have thunk it.