Go as the BK King or Subservient Chicken. The masks are old, but the full body King costume is a new addition.

Wendy's has the red wigs for sale - you could go as as Wendy or someone from one of the commercials.

Or how about dressing Junior up as the Pilsbury Doughboy?

You and your sprout can even dress together as the Jolly Green Giant and Sprout.

Other costume ideas: Snap, Crackle & Pop, the Verizon man, Mr. Whipple, Fanta Girls, Hamburger Helper, Mr. Peanut, or Mr. Clean.

If you're dressing up at the office, send in your pictures to share with the Adland gang.


The folks at AMV BBDO are not launching the new GUINNESS® ad on TV. Instead, they decided it would be more interesting to hide it online for a Guinness fan to find – and launch for them!

From the folks at AMV BBDO:
To be the first to see the new ad you must solve a series of clues, codes and puzzles and piece together the new film…but don’t expect it to be easy. As you know, it just wouldn’t be GUINNESS® if the reward didn’t involve a little waiting. The site goes live soon, but until then we’d like you to meet Juan Ramon, the mayor of the village (he may even give you some clues to get you started):

Some of our adgrunt pals are over in California, surrounded by wildfires and we all hope they are safe. What is with all the burning this year? First half of Greece burns down now half of California.

Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua of Burns Auto Parts found this gem this morning when she was surfing for information about the fires. Talk about perfect banner ad placement. "Don't like it? Getting too hot where you are? MOVE!" Well, okay then.

I don't think you could have gotten a better placement if you tried. ;)


TBWA\Reykjavik is the latest addition to the TBWA network. With a staff of 20, the Icelandic agency joins TBWA in order to provide better service to both domestic and international clients.

The fact that Iceland only has a population of just over 300 thousand does not tell the full story. Iceland is a blooming economy with one of the world’s highest income per capita and Icelandic companies have been rapidly expanding throughout the world, looking for investment and growth potential. This fertile business environment calls for the sort of networking capabilities that TBWA can provide.


Suspect VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame Artist Tim Crean created the detailed VFX lace that grows across Christinas back in Select's ad for the Procter & Gamble celebrity perfume.
You might have already seen it, this spot has been airing in Sweden for the past two weeks and is planned to air worldwide. Maybe you sense a deja vu if you recall this 2005 commercial where a nude Gisela grows an entire body tattoo. Not that I'm saying they're similar or anything, but yeah, that whole hot nude chick grows tattoo effect has been done before. Not the fault of the post house mind you.
See the new Christina Aguilera Signature Fragrance commercial here.

Hugh Hudson parodies self in new Silverjet ad

More faces...but this time it's film director Hugh Hudson (Oscar winning Chariots of Fire) who has remade his epic British Airways spot ‘Face’ for the UK business class airline Silverjet. They are the airline that recently made that cheeky girl on girl mile-high viral too.

The original BA ads were on TV for five years in the old mass media world and watched by approximately 600 million people in 70 countries. The original spot featured a cast of thousands making up the face and the globe. The new Silverjet spot is the similar but slightly different. See the BA ad here.

As well as the other BA spot ‘Island’, Hudson is famous for directing the classic spots for Fiat ‘Handbuilt by Robots’, Courage Best ‘Gertcha’, the Benson & Hedges cigarette ‘Swimming pool’, and Cinzano “airplane”. More Silverjet spots, including a "making of" can be viewed here.

The clip below gives a inside peek at the production process that went into the Sony Bravia Playdoh spot and includes interviews with Creative Producer, Juan Cabral from Fallon, Animation Director Darren Walsh from Passion Pictures and Director Frank Budgen from Gorgeous. See inside (autoplay)