In India there are common misconceptions about Neapolitan food. Such as Pizzas need to be thin and crispy or drenched with ketchup or Tabasco or that pasta has to be soft. BBH India found these `stereotypes based on restaurant reviews and decided to educate people about Neapolitan food, for its restaurant client Gustoso. I love me a funny headline driven campaign.


Production studio Humble has signed director Tom Carty for representation in the U.S. and Canada. Carty is an award-winning writer and director, a renowned storyteller and innovator who has pushed creative boundaries throughout his career.

Nike - Unlimited Courage - (2016) :40 (USA)

Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete to make the U.S. men's Olympic team, stars in Nike's newest "Unlimited" campaign installment which aired this Monday night on NBC. Mosier is a duathlete who transitioned in 2010, and joined the men's national team in 2015.

Nike "Unlimited You" (2016) 2:37 (USA)

The VO guy totally loses his shit in this charming and at times very funny Nike spot. It's 2:26 seconds and shares the same everything-but-the-kitchen-sink math as Write The Future. It gets out the Bro Bludgeon, pummeling you with noise and action.