Audi "The comeback" (2016) 1:26 (Germany)

Aw. Poor T Rex became a laughing stock thanks to social media and his tiny little hands. He got depressed and everything. But then one day he sees an Audi -- a piloted driving Audi-- and now he's back. Really fun storytelling here.

Apple - iPhone 7 (2016) :30 (USA)

Apple reminds everyone what was said at the keynote the other day - iPhone 7 is waterproof, blacker than black, has stereo speakers, longer battery life and can take low light photographs. This is what an internally created product presentation clip looks like at Apple.

Maltesers - Wedding / Dance Floor (2016) :30 (UK)

Maltesers are back with their chatty breaks that look on the lighter side of life - even if the stories told are awkward and hilarious. Here our heroine tells of her spin on the dance floor at a wedding, when something goes terribly wrong.

Maltesers - Theo's Dog / Hearing aid (2016) :30 (UK)

The new Maltesers campaigns were made as a response to Channel 4's “Superhumans Wanted.” The Channel 4 initiative gave away £1m of its commercial air time to help improve representation of disability in TV advertising will air during the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony on