Maltesers - Theo's Dog / Hearing aid (2016) :30 (UK)

The new Maltesers campaigns were made as a response to Channel 4's “Superhumans Wanted.” The Channel 4 initiative gave away £1m of its commercial air time to help improve representation of disability in TV advertising will air during the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony on

Maltesers - New Boyfriend / Spasm (2014) :30 (UK)

Maltesers are back with their light airy take on life - it shouldn't be taken so seriously - and here girlfriends gossip about an awkward moment with the new boyfriend. Our heroine isn't fazed at all, she takes it in stride as she looks on the light side of life.

Mercedes-Benz "Perception" (2016) :30 (USA)

Mercedes gets its drift on. Twice. To highlight the CLA and GLA which retail for under $33,000. Very exciting. Don't worry, no pigeons were harmed during the making of this film. Although I wouldn't mind
if they were because everyone knows they are rats with wings.

Mercedes-Benz "Parting" (2016) :30 (USA)

Mercedes makes every car to be eye-catchingly beautiful, meticulously engineered, and also able to back up in a choreographed line. They also in the case of the 2017 CLA, have an attractively lower price point.. The best or nothing indeed.