OTMPC "Where am I?" (2016) 1:10 (Canada)

When research showed that locals and their French brethren to the east don't have the province on their radar when it comes to travel because they're already familiar with it, the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC) decided to present Ontario in a whole

Daiya "Cheesier than ever" (2016) :60 (USA)

Daiya is a cheese substitute but that doesn't mean it still isn't cheesy. In this fake sitcom we see a wife who has made a pizza with Daiya and her husband says to her "Pizza? Now that's a thing I enjoy," followed by 50 seconds of studio laugh track.

HBO Docs "Open your eyes" (2016) :50 (USA)

Premiering on HBO on July 18, OPEN YOUR EYES is a heartfelt and uplifting documentary that brings viewers high up the Himalayan mountains of Nepal to witness extraordinary moments of beauty and humanity as doctors restore eyesight to villagers who have been blind for decades

Gift of Gab (2016) 5:55 (USA)

Studies from the National Kidney Foundation show that due to high rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, the African American community has an increased risk of developing kidney failure and suffer from kidney failure at a significantly higher rate – more