Problem: Belgian burn wound centers get an alarming increase of victims during the summer - all due to BBQ accidents.
Solution: Saturday the 14th of September the World Championship Barbeque was held in Belgium, while expecting 20000 visitors more than 30000 BBQ fanatics showed up. On that day the Belgian Burn Wound Center presented "the burning man" - a real man who was on fire walking around handing out leaflets on how to avoid BBQ accidents and how to perform first aid on burn victims.
Result The stunt got mass coverage in press and media, continuing to inform the public of the dangers with barbequeing. The website for Belgian Burn Wound Center got a increased hit-count and finacial donations to the burn center have risen considerably.

ad agency : Happiness-Brussels

Gregory Titeca : Executive Creative Director
Gregory Titeca : Creative Director
Christian Loos : Creative
Mohamed Oudaha : Creative


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  • purplesimon's picture


    *I haven't done a pun for ages, seemed like a good time to do one*

    Sep 26, 2008
  • Allan1's picture

    Was he singing Elvis? "Hunka hunka Burning Love" ??? :-)

    Sep 26, 2008

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