Placing these in central locations and at specific points on Obama's planned road trip, during his official visit to Israel on 20-22 March 2013, there to greet him on his way the headline simply reads "Pollard's been waiting since your college days". Jonathan Jay Pollard was born in Galveston, Texas and while working as an American civilian intelligence analyst, he passed classified information to Israel. He pleaded guilty and received a life sentence in 1987. As his crime occurred prior to November 1, 1987, he is eligible for parole, and may be released on November 21, 2015. Israel granted Pollard citizenship in 1995. There's an official Pollard website, and Israeli news reports on Free Pollard hunger strikes going on, Gilad Shalit asks Obama in an open letter to Free Pollard and even ministers reminded Obama that they'd like to see Pollard freed.

It's no catchy tune like Free Nelson Mandela was, but there's the difference between an ad agency creating something, and a band writing a song.

Client Free Pollard
Brand Free Pollard
Campaign name 28 years in prison

Agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv
CEO Yossi Lubaton
Chief Creative Officer Nadav Pressman
Art Director Kamil Mekhti
Copywriter Oren Meir
Production Dorit Gvili
Media Gabi Attal


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