Brazilian radio station UOL 89FM has been sleeping for six years. But now they're back. And with the help of death metal band Sepultura's leader Andreas Kisser they want you to wake the eff up. And they have just the app to make you do it.

Rock Snooze is simple: your alarm goes off, and you hear Andreas laying down a bone crunching riff. If you dare hit the snooze button, next time the alarm goes off, Andreas makes it louder. And so on.

So far, it's working well. Not to mention the fact people are tuning back in to UOL 89FM. Which is awesome. I can think of no better way to wake up than with Kisser's guitar shredding my eyes open every morning.

Client: UOL 89FM
Agency: Agencia Africa
Executive Creative Director: Sergio Gordilho
Projects Creative Director: Evandro Soares
Creative Directors: Sergio Gordilho / Guy Costa / Luiz Gonzaga
Copywriter: Henrique Zirpoli
Art Director: Alex Alves
Account team: Marcio Santoro / Marcelo Passos / Regina Madeira / Carlos Larotonda
TV Production: Rodrigo Ferrari / Stella Gafo
Project Manager: Marcos Valeta
Media: Luiz Fernando Vieira / Paulo Ilha
Motion Design: Andre Finhana
Editing: Jose Ernesto Neto / Raphael Enes / Celso Vilalba
Technology Production: Instituto de Artes Interativas
Approved by (client): Ricardo Impellizieri


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    Here is how it works

    May 02, 2013

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