10 Things That Scare Creatives

Some things are even scarier than ghosts and zombies. In honor of Halloween, here's a list of 10 things that can scare the bagezus out of Creatives (in no particular order).

1. Moving deadlines--especially those that move closer, rather than farther away.
2. Computer crashes, a.k.a. the color wheel of death--especially if the work hasn't been saved.
3. Clients who think they are creative. They say their line or visual idea is just an example, but you know they really want you to use it.
4. There's no beer left in the kitchen fridge. Or bottle of booze in your desk. Or your AD/CW's desk. Or our Account person's desk.
5. Being forced to use Comic Sans. Because it's the brand font.
6. Being told to modify an idea someone else did that was cool and retrofit it to the project.
7. When all the concepts get killed in the internal, which was pushed to 1 day before the big presentation and having to start from scratch.
8. Noticing that no one proofed the presentation deck and auto spell check changed the clients name to something else...everywhere.
9. You're left to pitch someone else's half-baked idea.
10. You're forced to use a PC instead of a Mac...

Got others? Leave them in the comments. And Happy Halloween!

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