Adland Bingo Vs Red Tettemer Bingo

Red Tettemer wants you to know they have a Super Bowl Bingo game. If you play along the right way, one person will win a 32" flat screen TV.

That kinda reminds me of, Super Bowl Ad Bingo. Created by Adland. In 2011.

Oh sure you have the fancy tv giveaway, but so what. In the Super Bowl of Super Bowl-themed games, we beat ya. Neener Neener. More importantly, you've seen all the spots in advance, so you've stacked the deck. it's a lot harder to do what we did and create stereotypes to watch out for. Seriously, you should make it a bit more sporting next time.

But guess what? If you play our version of bingo five people will win an adland prize: A free adgrunt upgrade. Just take a picture of your card with a winning bingo (vertically or horizontally only please) with the corresponding commercial written underneath. Send it to hostmaster at adland dot com. After we're done live snarking the Super Bowl, we'll announce the winners.

Oh and if you like to drink during the Super Bowl check out Super Bowl Drinking Game from 2008.

Whichever game you play, you should definitely practice by viewing our archive that houses 41 FREAKING YEARS OF SUPER BOWL ADS.

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