Alex White - "Advertising design and typography" - the new bible book for budding designers.

When I first spotted this book, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I'm a total sucker for those heavy hard cover tomes of design that you can read cover to cover and then flip through over and over and over again. This is exactly that kind of book, it's jam packed with over 1,500 advertising examples that reinforce the message Alex is trying to get across.

The page showing my work

Sure, Alex will spend some time talking about research, clients, the market and such but it's his points on design and type that shine. Not so strange considering Alex White is an accomplished designer himself, he simply knows what he's talking about. Alex also clearly loves it as he spends the last part of the book showing off great examples of how typography sets the tone for any design, happy like a kid in a candystore. This tome is really a must have.

This unique, comprehensive overview of advertising design strategies, written by a best-selling, award-winning designer, will help students and professionals in advertising, design, and typography understand and use persuasive visual messaging. Design principles such as unity, contrast, hierarchy, dominance, scale, abstraction, and type and image relationships are covered in depth. Readers will also learn how print design compares to television, web, and interactive design, and how to apply each style to create persuasive designs. The extensive section on typography offers essential information on how readers perceive type, typographic history, principles, and practice. Helpful appendices include an extensive glossary, bibliography, and art director's checklist. Complete with more than 1,500 examples and illustrations of outstanding advertising design from around the world, Advertising Design and Typography is a groundbreaking book that will train the readers' mind to see more accurately and more critically--ultimately changing the way designers think and develop visual ideas.

I have one more reason to love this book. It's personal.
On page 16 one of my campaigns is shown off. First dizzy knowing that Alex White has seen my work, my head exploded when I saw my work right next to Bob Gill's. I'll never get the brainstains out of my carpet.

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