Arla "Mammoth Cheddar"(2015) :20 (Finland)

There are you, just sitting in your Wes Anderson-color coated kitchen, listening to a creepy soundtrack and looking glum when all of a sudden mammoth cheddar breaks through the door and flews at your pie hole. I love the look of horror on the family's faces before they cut to the leopard figurine. Arla must one one hell of a cheese. And one hell of a client for that matter.

dvertised brand: Arla
Client: Antti Airaksinen, Senior Marketing Manager
Client: Harri Kähkönen, Category Manager
Advert title: The superlatives of Cheeses: Mammoth Cheddar, Monumental Gouda, Colossal Creamy Cheese,

Agency: 358, Helsinki, Finland
Agency website:
Creative Director: Antero Jokinen + Jani Tynnilä
Art Director: Antero Jokinen
Copywriter: Jani Tynnilä
Graphic Designer: Kukka-Maria Kiuru
Strategist: Peter Barmer
Producer: Elina Freden
Client Team Director: Kimmo Tupala
Published: September 2015
Package design: Kuudes Kerros

Film production: Hobby Film
Director: Koja
Producer: Niklas Adolfsson
Editor: Johan Wik
Music: EMI Production Music
Sound design: Johan Isaksson
Grading: Henry Pulla / Pulla Post

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