Badlander: Kia vs. Chevy

In 2010, David & Goliath made a cute spot for Kia that aired during the Super Bowl called "Joyride Dream". Oversized stuffed animals, including "Sock Monkey", Muno, Mr. X, the Teddy and a vintage robot, do wild jet ski stunts, go bowling, ride a mechanical bull and more. And in the end, we see them in their real form, sitting on the back seat of a car. The ECD, Colin Jeffery told us (way back when): "Inspiration can come from anywhere. Many of the people involved with this project are young parents—we found the idea, and our cast of characters sitting in the back of our cars. The idea was quite literally staring us in the face."

Then the other day I see a spot that smacks of badlandism. A new spot for the 2013 Chevy Traverse by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners runs an awfully close line. Yes, it's a bit more tame. But one would think you might stay away from something that's so close to something that got quite a bit of play only three years earlier. Especially one that ran during the Super Bowl.

I know this industry is all about rejiggering ideas that have been done before. But if you don't make it new, different or from another angle in some way, you're just copying and being lazy.

Kia Spot:

Chevy Spot:

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Maybe both creative teams watched 'where the wild things are' and then called it in. The quality and flow of the Chevy spot is more polished. The takeaway is clearer. Not saying either are great...but the concept is different. Chevy is about a kid taking her imaginary friends with her and that world being protected. Kia is about it's a car for adults that's fun, but also good for kids. That's the takeaway I get.

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Where the wild things are meets yo gabba gabba.