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Chevy Colorado "Theme Song" (2014) :30 (USA)

The 2015 Colorado is here. And it will help your theme music (as well as that boring old sedan) go from bland to brand new! Finding new roads! Okay, not really. That ACDC song came out nine years after the Carpenters "Rainy Days and Mondays." What I'm saying is, "Back in Black" is 34 years old now. It's also been used a buncha times in advertising. Also-- there's a weird ultra-macho thing I'm not liking about this concept. I think it's because, theme music and big truck-inferiority complex aside, both dudes work in the same office building. It's not like Mr. Colorado is a lumberjack that eats glass shards for breakfast.

Also aired during the Super Bowl XLIX pre game show.

Agency: Commonwealth/McCann
Creative Chairman: Linus Karlsson
Chief Creative Officer, Global: Andreas Dahlqvist
Chief Creative Officer, North America: Gary Pascoe
Creative Director/Copywriter: Duffy Patten, Gary Pascoe
Creative Director/Art Director: Bob Guisgand, Andreas Dahlqvist
EVP, Chief Production Officer: Brian DiLorenzo
EVP, Global Director Integrated Content Production: Jeff Beverly
Senior Producer: Stuart Moutrie
Executive Director of Global Operations: Kate MacNevin
Managing Director, North America: Sharon Wacker
Account Director: Derek Chappo
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Director of Photography: Stuart Graham
Executive Producer: Joe Biggins
Line Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Editorial: Union Editorial
Editor: Jim Haygood
Finish: Method Studios

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Gary Hawke's picture

I resent the negative aspect of the Carpenter's song on the most recent Colorado ad. Yes, I'm older. Yes I like the Carpenters. No, I will not ever consider a Chevy truck in the future…and I actually was!

kidsleepy's picture

The ad is just one big dumb cliché on all levels.

TheQuietOne's picture

Anyone else really like the strings playing the Carpenters song?

Groscar's picture

In a 14-year career The Carpenters sold over 100,000,000 units. Why insult their fans by insinuating that people who listen to their music aren't cool (or whatever it is they're trying to say)? I've never heard of a successful campaign based on insulting a large part of the population.

(In over 40 years AC/DC has sold over 200,000,000 units, by the way.)

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