Coca Cola - Ice Breaker - (2013) 2:00 (China)

Two minutes is spent on explaining this vending machine idea. Can't we make these clips shorter? The idea is rather simple, tighten the caps on Coke bottles, fill a vending machine with these prepped bottles. Put the vending machine in the most romantic park of Shanghai. Wait for young ladies to fail opening a bottle who will then need to ask the nearest man for help, hope that romantic sparks fly.

In a city where it's hard to meet people, it's a cute setup to allow for making new friends and that is very "Coke". It might not have even made anyone go on a date, but at least there was some conversation and smiles shared. And if friendships were forged, it all began over a shared Coca-cola moment. This is so on brand my head hurts.

Ad agency: Leo Burnett Shanghai
P.I.G China/ Great Guns
director: Thom Ward

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