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Doodle-dee vs doodle-six, local logo confusion

logosResearcher spotted these two logos which mirror each others doodles. While one is a doodled "d" and the other a doodled "6" and both probably sprung straight from the edges of the designers notes from boring meetings, they pose a problem.

The logo on the left is for Dalhalla, a unique natural arena where concerts are held.* While the one on the right is for a local art event called "the sixth sense". Both of the logos will be used at the same time, in the same region - consumer confusion alert!

Update! a reader suggested that I add the Debian logo to this pairing. So I did.

* edit - I got Dalhalla the music venue mixed up with some local food brand umbrella. Mistake corrected.

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The Dalhalla-logo is sprung from the sight you see when coming into the natural arena that Dalhalla is. There's more to that logo than some notes I can assure you...

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Nope. The Dalhalla is a arena for music which is a unique natural arena. check it out at Dalhalla.se. The case you are mentioning is Dalarnas Mat :D

I know it sometimes are hard to track the projects - you can imagine how my life is - who is in the middle of both :D

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My bad. Apologies I got them mixed up. Article corrected. :)

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I really enjoy the Dalhalla logo. It's simple, but beautiful. I think its the best of the three and stands out as being original although it is the swish-type logo.