The Drum: "Adland goes dark (web)"

Witty headline from The Drum, Media Brand of the year 2015. Congratulations, The Drum.

The Article "Adland goes dark (web)" is a short but sweet interview with me about ad banners, Tor, trackers and all the other fun stuff that has nestled into every device you have. Choice quote because I was getting chatty with Doug Zanger who did the interview over Skype:

A long time user of Tor, the decision to add a version of the site was on Wäppling’s mind for a long time, but moving forward was sparked through a Twitter interaction on whether or not the dark web was responsive design and some nudging from a colleague.

“(A colleague) dared me to do it. I did it in under ten minutes. Boom. There it was. And I decided to announce it.”

So now you know. I say "Boom!" and wave my hands when I speak a lot. Boom!

The Drum announced their article on Twitter here, and a link-laden discussion of Tor security followed, very useful for those wanting to learn more about Tor.

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