Faraday's FFZERO1 360 degree experience gives us a glimpse into the future.

Here's a 360 degree look at Faraday's FFZERO1 Concept Car that was unveiled at CES. The 100 percent electric car ha a smartphone integrated steering wheel, zero gravity driving station, driver molded design and more. It also does 200MPH and goes form 0-60 in less than three seconds. It's drool worthy. Oh. So. Drool. Worthy. But sorry honey, sorry kids, you'll have to wait your turn. It's a single occupancy car. Also it's nonexistent at the moment. But it gives us a good idea of Faraday's soon to be capabilities.

The 360 degree experience of course works only on Chrome which is a big drawback for me. Single-browser media always seems like the client doesn't care about a portion of its potential demographic.

Once you're done pretend driving, go to Faraday Future and check out more.

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It's great to see a company giving Tesla a run for their money but usually first (ish) to market wins. With that said, there is always room for a little friendly competition.

I also read this great piece on the vehicle: http://www.automoblog.net/2016/01/17/faraday-future-virtual-reality-model/