Godaddy Go Daddy Super Bowl 2013 commercial - Your Big Idea .co - (2013)

Fascinating, the GoDaddy 2013 ad doesn't have half-naked women and beaver-jokes in it, instead there's even a small idea going on. Why don't you put your idea online, say all the nagging women while all the lazy men say that they will eventually.

Oh, and bonus: Danica Patrick laughing the fakest laugh ever.

Deutsch New York:
 Partner/ Chief Creative Officer:  Group Creative Director/AD:  Agency Group Creative Director/CW:  VP/Executive Producer:  Agency Creative Director/CW:
Production Company:
Biscuit Filmworks
 Director:  Producer:  DP/DOP:  Production Designer:
Editorial and Post Production:
The Cutting Room  Editor
Visual Effects Company:
The Mill  Colorist:
Shoot Location: Los Angeles
Greg DiNoto George Decker Morgan Carroll Greg Tharp
Jin Park
Mike Maguire Susan Hebert Neil Shapiro Alexis Ross
Chuck Willis
Fergus McCall

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